The foundation of the Oral Health Professionals Association governance is our Constitution.

It was enacted in 2007 with the incorporation of the Association. Our core objectives are to:

  • Advance and promote the capabilities and competencies of our disciplines to the general public, other Oral Health associations and their members, as well as those with a regulatory responsibility,
  • Influence and inform Educational Institutions in the development and delivery of training and career paths for the disciplines we promote,
  • Be a source of knowledge and information about dental technology and related specialties, regulatory information and other business practices that support our members in their activities,
  • Build a sound basis from which to advocate for the prosperity of our Industry within all levels of Government and related specialty groups
  • Provide opportunities for members and trade suppliers to exchange ideas, information and any commercial benefits that support the betterment of the Australian Market
  • Be a viable, financially robust and active association.