Oral Health Professionals Association

Our Association is a nationally coordinated association representing oral health professionals across Australia. Our structure has a national executive with representative s from each state and a series of Colleges (Dental Technicians & Dental Prosthetists) servicing the needs of the various sectors within the oral health team. It is expected that colleges for other oral health disciplines (Dental Assistants, Therapists, Hygienists) will be established when the membership numbers dictate individual representation. OHPA services members through the delivery of information, education, resources and representation specific to the oral health profession.

While OHPA generally does not refer or recommend any clinics, due to many enquiries we get for dental emergency treatments we have carefully selected one provider below.

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The OHPA is the custodian for the Dental Technology profession in Australia and provides, public education and promotion, advocacy initiatives to promote the profession’s future, and offers a strong unified voice for the profession whenever called upon. By joining the OHPA you will have added another voice to the existing membership of Oral Health Professionals in Australia.


Dental Implant Procedures – How Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone, where they act as the roots of missing teeth. Due to the titanium in the implants fuses with your jawbone, the implants won’t slip, make noise or cause bone damage the way dental bridges or dentures might.

The complete dental implant procedure can last anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months. The condition of your teeth and jaw will be assessed during the initial consultation. This would help dentists decide the type of implant and treatment you’d need.

After administering local/general anaesthesia, you might be provided with bone graft if there’s inadequate bone density. This is to make sure your implant is well supported.

The implant will be inserted in the next step, followed by placing the replacement teeth.

If you are outside of the Perth Metro area and in need of a dental implant procedure Coolamon Dental in Ellenbrook provides Tooth Implant Perth and as well as dentures. When you are planning on getting dental implants, you might want to read about Dental Implants Perth.

Buy Australian

Are you one of the many Australians who prefer buy Australian Made products?
If Yes, ask that your prosthesis is made in an Australian Dental Laboratory, not overseas.

At OHPA we support the Australian Dental Laboratory industry that serves the health and safety of dental patients through the application, adherance to all government regulations as applicable and to cater the needs of patients on dental services like braces, invisialign, root canal and general dentistry like wisdom teeth removal.

Regulations range from:

  • The Therapeutic Goods Act that regulates the materials recommended for use in the health industry,
  • The Workplace Health and Safety regulations that provide frameworks for safe working conditions;
  • Infection Control requirements to protect you from transfer infections,
    Environmental regulations for safe management of dust and fumes in the making of prosthesis,
  • Fair Work Commission Award wages, ensuring fair wages for all those working in a laboratory.

By asking for your prosthesis to be made in an Australian Dental Laboratory you are:

  • Safeguarding yourself in the knowledge that the prosthesis must be made in compliance with Australian regulations,
  • Supporting the Australian economy and a local industry through your actions,
  • Helping to secure skills and practices for the service of future generations.

In 2011, the OHPA featured in a Channel 7 news article highlighting the issue and impact of imported Dental Prosthesis. View the news article today, as the issues are still relevant to all dental patients.

Dental Laboratory Accredition Program

A Laboratory bearing the OHPA Accreditation Seal provides you with assurance that it has met specific standards relating to quality, Work, Health and Safety regulations, as well as business and manufacturing practices.

By earning and maintaining an Accreditation Status, the Dental Laboratory is always monitoring and attempting to improve the quality and efficiency of their services and facilities.

The OHPA Accreditation Program was established in 2006 with participation from a wide range of Industry Experts. The program is self-regulating and is administered, maintained and managed by OHPA, the Industry Association.

An OHPA Accredited Laboratory must certify that they:

  • Use TGA registered materials
  • Meet the WHS requirements
  • Has an Infection Control Procedure in place
  • Employ Qualified Dental Technicians
  • Manufacture their custom-made prosthesis in Australia.

What OHPA can do for you – and what you can do for your Industry?

  • National Association OHPA is a nationally coordinated association representing Dental Technician’s and Prosthetist’s giving them a voice in national health policy discussions.
  • Lobbying OHPA has formed strategic alliances to lobby successive national governments to help create a level playing field for local technicians when competing with off shore dental technical work.
  • Laboratory Accreditation OHPA in response to advice from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has established a Laboratory Accreditation Program through which the quality and standards of our members manufacturing can be recognised.
  • Website OHPA officers Member’s a dedicated Member’s Only website. This is a “one stop shop” for all you business needs.
  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) This manual covers WH&S issues relevant to the industry and is in accordabce with the Federal Work, Health & Saftey (WHS) Act that comes into being Jan 2012. It includes an infection control manual and step by step implementation guide. This is available to members only.
  • Awards OHPA is able to give up to date advice to its members on industrial and award updates – latest info on the Member’s Only website.
  • Professional Forums OHPA through its professional educational programmes, Dentechnos, and website provides a forum for members to talk and socialise with their fellow professionals.
  • CPD As the requirement is introduced for oral health professionals to attain Continuing Professional Development points, OHPA has an ongoing program delivering courses and lectures to assist members to access points easily.
  • National Magazines OHPA regularly contributes to the National Dental Technology Magazine “eLaborate” with association reports and technical articles. OHPA produces a monthly eNewsletter – The Denticulator – emailed out to our members.

Member Benefits

Joining the OHPA is an investment in your future and that of the Dental Technology profession. Some of the benefits of being a member are:

The Dental Laboratory Accreditation Scheme
The only industry managed accreditation scheme for Dental Laboratories, this scheme is the means to identify those that have demonstrated their capabilities against a national standard and displayed their commitment to maintaining quality within dental technology. Accreditation is available to Laboratories where 100% of all production is in Australia, as we cannot sight international partner premises for audit purposes.

Practitioner & Laboratory Directory
Available online, this directory promotes all members and Laboratories. Free to all members you are able to use this directory as part of your marketing activities, promoting dental services like dental crowns and root canal procedures and other information as available.

The Denticulator eNewsletter
Stay informed with monthly news in the profession, happenings in the Association, search or post an ad in the classifieds, and adopt useful information from articles into your place of business.

OHPA Member and Accreditation Logo Usage
OHPA Members have the right to display the OHPA Member logo in your clinic or laboratory as well as proudly display the OHPA member’s logo on your promotional materials, to enhance your credibility and standing amongst patients and members of the community. Those Laboratories that have Accreditation Status are encouraged to promote this to clients.

We offer the logos in digital form upon request along with style guides.

Free Classifies and Job Listings
Reach like minded and interested parties by posting your Classifies or Vacancies on our website.

Product Discounts
Take advantage of exclusive industry offerings as they are made available to OHPA members only.

Ethics Statement
Gain increased confidence from dentists, patients and members of the community by earning the right to advertise that you abide by the OHPA’s code of ethics.

OHPA Support Network
Call upon the diverse skills, experience and knowledge offered by the OHPA Executive Members and Staff during our office hours or via email.

Distinguished Members

Dimar Valev

South Australia Executive

Susanne Mikovic

Susanne Mikovic

New South Wales